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February 14, 2023

W.E.C. Lines is proud to announce that we continue to invest in the markets of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
W.E.C. Lines is improving routes, frequency and transit time to
Your clients.

The new North Spain Canary Islands and UK Portugal service will begin on February 18, 2023 with the first ship MV WEC Van Ruysdael sailing from Bilbao to Liverpool, with a transit time between both ports of only 3 days. In order to guarantee a weekly frequency, the service will have 3 ships in rotation, WEC Jan Steen, WEC Van Vermeer and WEC Van Ruysdael.

This route thus offers new direct connections to customers in the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula with the British port of Liverpool. Via Liverpool Ireland and Scotland will also be covered.
Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona are served with WEC Lines trains via Bilbao, and Gijón with feeder via Vigo. Seville and Burgos are also included in the service expansion plan, whose trains will soon enter circulation.

This new service adds to the existing ones between Portugal and Spain with the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, reinforcing the Shortsea Shipping Service that W.E.C. Lines offers to the market, with the aim of supporting international trade with low carbon emissions in the European area.

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