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June 7, 2021

Rotterdam, 7th of June 2021

W.E.C. Lines has upgraded its current Bilbao service with a direct call from Bilbao to the UK, Thamesport. Simultaneously W.E.C. Lines will increase the capacity to 835 TEU weekly with Mv Van Eyck that was acquired last year October. This service is linked to the main areas in Spain like Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Valencia with rail services tailored to the needs of the customers.
Caesar Luikenaar, Head of Line Management of W.E.C. Rotterdam said:
“This is major milestone in the success story of W.E.C. and further cements our position as carrier of choice on the short sea trades of Portugal, Spain and Morocco”.
WEC Lines has been steadily growing its market share between Spain, UK and North West Continent since January 2021 as more cargo owners see the benefit of converting freight from the traditional and costly trailer routes to the flexible and cost, carbon friendly modality of containers.
The Spanish short sea market has offered cargo owners little choice historically and WEC Lines is changing that with an innovative new direct service.
Roger Megann Managing Director of W.E.C. UK said:
“Our customers have sought a fresh new direct call in the UK from Bilbao and WEC Lines has obliged the demand of the market with this new direct service”.
Following Brexit the historical short sea routes from Spain have been congested and supply chains have been damaged. WEC Lines and Port of Thamesport offers a market leading transit time of 72 hours and congestion free UK port.

For further information:
- In UK: Roger Megann, Managing Director W.E.C. UK, +44 7835 448512
- In The Netherlands, Caesar Luikenaar, Head of Line Management Shortsea, +31 641391948
- In Spain: Arantxa Perá, Head of Sales W.E.C. Spain, +34 620 331306

Kind regards,
W.E.C. Lines Management

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