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Pallet wide (Seacell) 40′ Highcube Specifications

Max gross weight

34,000 kg

Tare weight

4,150 kg


29,850 kg

Cubic capacity

79,1 cu m


TIR, ISO, CSC, Australian Dept. of Health, Lloyds, FDA

External length

12,192 mm

External width

2,484 mm

External height

2,896 mm

Internal length

12,100 mm

Internal width

2,426 mm

Internal height

2,694 mm

Door opening width

2,360 mm

Door opening height

2,585 mm

Standard pallets (1,2 m x 1,0 m)


European pallets (1,2 m x 0,8 m)


Australian pallets (1,165 m sq)


Dimensions are nominal and typical, there may be variations.

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