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W.E.C. Lines Spain S.L.U. a new organization with a long history

W.E.C. Lines Spain opened in October 2007 with Barcelona as its head office. The inaugural service ran from the North of Spain to the Canary Islands.

In order to provide proper commercial backup up for the service we also opened offices in Bilbao, Vigo, Las Palmas and Tenerife and later that year an office was opened in Madrid to cater commercially for the entire center of the peninsula.

In the middle of 2008 the expansion of W.E.C. Lines Spain continued by creating a second route from the Mediterranean into the Canary Islands. In order to facilitate that trade we also opened offices in Valencia and a port office in Barcelona.

W.E.C. Gijon was opened in 2013 to attend to the needs of the Asturian market and its hinterland.

In ports where we do not have own offices we use third party agents and in addition to the cornerstone services we have exploited the synergies of our agency network to create different inter port services to cover most port pairs in Spain and Portugal.

Since inception we have been indebted to W.E.C. Lines B.V. in Rotterdam who have given their full support in the commercial field and have taught us the ‘short sea mentality’.

W.E.C. Lines have been offering services from Spain since the early 1990’s to various destinations including Morocco, the Red Sea, East Africa, Cuba and Northern Europe.

A glance at the past is invaluable. Because where you come from determines where you’re going. And that is exactly where our focus lies. We have an ongoing vision on improving our services for our valuable customers so they can always rely on us. In the past, now and in the future!

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